Kubuntu 24.04 LTS Released

Kubuntu 24.04 LTS released with KDE Plasma 5.27, 3 years support until April 2027 and it’s available to download now.

Download here: https://kubuntu.org/getkubuntu

Here’s the announcement: https://kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-24-04-lts-noble-numbat-released/

What’s Changed?

Kubuntu has switched to the Calamares installer by default in Kubuntu 24.04, moving away from Ubuntu’s Flutter-based installer.

There’s 3 installation modes

  • Full Installation – Includes additional applications
  • Normal Installation – Includes useful apps and utilities
  • Minimal Installation – Only the desktop environment, no pre-installed apps or tools

Skipping KDE Plasma 6.0

If you were hoping for KDE Plasma 6.0, you may be better holding off until later this year for Kubuntu 24.10 to be released which is likely to include KDE Plasma 6.0.

What to do after installing Kubuntu 24.04

Update and Upgrade

Use the following command:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Enable Flatpak and Flathub

Use the following command to enable Flatpak in Kubuntu:

sudo apt install flatpak
flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub https://flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo

Add Flatpak to “Discover”

Add Flatpak to the “Discover” software manager by using the following command:

sudo apt install plasma-discover-flatpak-backend

Kubuntu 24.04: Known Bugs

There’s a few bugs to be aware of in the new version, at the time of writing this it’s only been out for 10 days so it’s no surprise that there’s a few bugs in the new release. It’s likely these will be solved by the great development team behind Kubuntu in the near future but I’m listing some known bugs here for reference and troubleshooting.

Graphics Card Drivers

Many users report a black screen on boot or missing GRUB menu, this appears to affect only certain GPUs.

Nvidia 545 drivers

Nvidia 545 drivers are known to have problems with Kubuntu 24.04 LTS. However, the Kubuntu team are already on it and are switching to Nvidia 550 drivers now that they are out of beta.

EFI Partition Size

Ensure that your EFI partition is larger than 300MB. Smaller EFI partition than this may fail to boot.

Help the Kubuntu 24.04 development team

If you discover any bugs in Kubuntu, please help the development team by filing a bug report.

Kubuntu uses Launchpad to track bugs.

You can report bugs on the website: https://bugs.kde.org

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