About Linux® Made Easy

This blog “LinuxMadeEasy.com” (LME) is not affiliated with Linux®, The Linux® Foundation or Linus Torvalds in any way.

My name is Shane Cole, I’m a half-Finnish, half-British Linux enthusiast and use this website to help others using Linux.

Shane Cole

What’s It For?

I’m trying to make the website an easy copy-and-paste guide rather than tutorials because I understand most people don’t want to learn Linux or programming in-depth and I want to help make Linux practical and accessible to everyone.

The articles I write on this website are focused on the Debian Linux distribution unless I specify otherwise. I will write guides for other distros but I want to focus mainly on Debian.

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Shouldn’t It Be Easy?

If you want to use Linux without using the terminal, that’s definitely something you can do and in that case I suggest you take a look at my post: Which version of Linux is best?

Linux Mint is perfect for beginners who prefer a user-friendly experience without needing the terminal. However, if you do use the terminal and want easy guides where you can simply copy and paste commands, no matter your experience level, this blog is designed just for you.

Linux Terminal

I like to use the nano editor and I use it a lot in my guides, so in case you don’t already have it on your Linux system, I recommend you install it with the following terminal command:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install nano

The above command will work for Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint. If you’re using another version of Linux (distribution), please take a look at my post: How to install nano on Linux

My Company

I am the director of a company called UKCOA LTD. which is trading as Zethora. The company website can be found at ukcoa.co.uk and the main store at zethora.com. We specialise in the sale of Linux PCs and laptops, along with offering services in website development and web hosting. However, this website is managed in my personal capacity during my spare time.

That being said, you might occasionally find affiliate links or sponsored content here. These links help me to support the site’s upkeep. Rest assured, any recommendations are based on my genuine belief and experience.

PS posts might come at different times or be a bit irregular because of the personal nature of its management and me being the sole author. If you have any ideas I’d love to hear from you, please drop me a line at [email protected]