15 Reasons to switch to Linux

I’m not going to preach “Linux or nothing” but if you haven’t tried Linux, you’re really missing out!

Here’s 15 reasons you should switch to Linux:

1. It’s free

You read right, unlike Windows or Mac you don’t have to pay for any license. The same applies for commercial use, Linux is completely free of charge.

2. It’s easy to use

If you had the idea Linux is complicated and only for the technologically adept, think again! It even has versions for those familiar with Windows or Mac to easily switch over.

Debian Desktop Preview

3. It has an app store

It’s a software centre rather than app store but it does let you download apps from one place at the click of a button.

Switch to Linux for its software centre

4. No more annoying updates

Linux does update but it does so differently to Windows, you won’t usually need to restart your machine and if you chose a stable version such as Debian updates will be very rare.

5. You don’t need an antivirus

Linux is so secure, you don’t even need an antivirus slowing down your machine.

6. Office is free

LibreOffice is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office, in fact you can download it for Windows too! It’s also free for commercial use and you can still open and save your documents in the Microsoft .docx, .xls, etc. formats.

LibreOffice is an alternative to Microsoft Office

7. It’s open-source

Did you know that you have access to the entire source code?

It means that you can customise your Linux in ANY way you want and there’s nothing hidden from you in the code.

Rest assured knowing that you’re not being spied on and that you don’t have to put your trust in a company.

8. It’s future-proof

Linux has been around for a long time and it’s definitely not going anywhere. Here’s a few interesting facts:

  • Linux is now 32 years old
  • 85% of smartphones are powered by Linux
  • Linux powers all of the worlds supercomputers
  • There’s no internet without Linux, it powers 70% of web servers, 96.3% of the top 1,000,000 web servers use Linux.
  • It has over 25,000 contributors adding 10,000 lines of code every single day!

9. Convenient updates

Linux updates not only the system but all of your apps too! No more trying to open an app and having to wait for it to update.

10. It protects your privacy

You don’t need an online account for Linux like you do with Windows 11 and the Linux apps are mostly open-source, so they can’t hide code to track you or gather data to show you ads.

Linux also offers full hard drive encryption on installation, locking down your hard drive securely for free.

For example, if you like to travel, it means that if someone stole your laptop while you were abroad there would be no way for them to gain access to any of your data.

11. It’s smoother and faster

Linux doesn’t usually use much resources and therefore you’ll find it runs smoother and faster than the same system would running Windows or Mac.

12. Photoshop is free

It’s not actually called Photoshop and doesn’t have anything to do with the Adobe company. It’s actually called GIMP, the abbreviation for GNU Image Manipulation Program. However, it’s powerful software that looks and feels similar to Photoshop.

GIMP is one of the 15 reasons to switch to Linux

13. It’ll play your video games

Thanks to Steam, now you can play most of your Windows only games on Linux! In the past it was one of the reasons people didn’t want to switch to Linux.

Steam Games on Linux

14. You can keep Windows

If you think to get Linux you need to lose Windows, you don’t.

It’s easy to install Linux alongside Windows and dual boot them (a menu to select between Linux or Windows when you first power on), here’s how: How to dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu

Or you can use WINE, it’s a program that let’s you run Windows software on Linux.

Switch to Linux

15. You can keep it forever

Microsoft and Apple put an end-of-life on their products meaning after a few years, they drop support for older OSes such as Windows XP and Windows 10 and you no longer receive updates on those, leaving you vulnerable unless you upgrade.

Linux gives you updates for free for as long as your computer is capable of running that version of Linux. Meaning you won’t find yourself having to switch ever again.

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